Shield Basic - An Officer's Field Guide is a law enforcement application to assist Police Officers, Conservation Officers, MTO Officers and law enforcement students in their work and studies, by providing up to date legislation and many useful tools at the touch of a finger. This application can also be used as a reference for lawyers, legal assistants and the general public. The intent of Shield Technologies is to release Shield Basic in each province in Canada; Ontario being the first.

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Shield Basic was developed for Windows XP/7, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones utilizing OS 2.1 and newer versions, and BlackBerry phones with OS 6.0 and newer versions. Online features accessible through the subscription page are also provided to facilitate management of user accounts.

A limited version of Shield Basic can be downloaded free for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. To have full access to the application and updates, a yearly fee of $9.99 plus applicable taxes will apply. Email [email protected] for further details and pricing for the Windows platform.

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